Party Magician

How long is a Family Party Magic Show?

Depending on age group of the children, shows can be from 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the show and allow 1 hour from start to finish including time for photos and everyone getting to pat "Buddy" the Bunny!

How many children/adults can we have?

As Many as you like... So long as you have an area they can all comfortably sit during the show & if it's over 40/50 people please let me know as I may have to bring a P.A. System so everyone can hear which will incur additional costs.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor is great if you have enough room - Outdoor is also OK. If you are having it outdoors, please make sure you have a shaded area to comfortably sit out of the wind/rain etc.

How Much?

Big question & the answer varies & is dependant on a number of things including
Where the party is.
What area or town the party is in.
What type of show is required - Roving Entertainment or Family Party Show/Teens Show etc
Just contact me with your details & I can let you know straight away..

Do you have other Family/Kids Entertainment?

Yes, we also can offer Fantastic Face Painting by Bryony. Check her site: for her fabulous work. We can offer great deals on magic shows and face painting together. Just ask if you would like the package.

What if I just want someone to look after the kids while the adults are off being social?

Well, if that’s what you want, then you should book someone else!! I can suggest other entertainers for you who specialise in that (& will also be cheaper)

Contact Kids Birthday Party Magician Brad Manuel direct on: 0417 724 347 or Email: to book one of the best Kids Show Magicians in Australia to perform at your party on The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or The Gold Coast or Australia wide.